1. EMS Consulting
    The Irwin Consulting Group conducts independent efficiency studies. These comprehensive department audits are tailored to each client's situation and can include master planning for organizational structure, consolidation opportunities, facility planning, vehicles, budgeting, funding methods, compliance with local, state, and federal mandates, response times, community safety programs, communication dispatch, community hazard and disaster assessment, leadership and management teams, management training, general training, staffing, scheduling, work force management, compensation and benefit analysis, performance evaluations, policy and procedures, employee handbooks, and standard operating guidelines (SOGs, also known as standard operating procedures or SOPs).
  2. Fire Consulting
    Determination of what your department opportunities and challenges might be within the next 5 to 20 years is essential in planning, especially when consideration is given to personnel and funding needs. Irwin Consulting Group matches your community's services with available resources, while examining future needs and capabilities. Master Planning is designed to focus on both the internal and external customer needs, and identify opportunities for both the department and the community. The Irwin Consulting Group can assist in the assessment of community hazard and disaster preparedness by helping your organization develop a comprehensive plan. Irwin Consulting can also design and facilitate hazard and disaster training programs to help your team prepare.
  3. Program Management
    Nearly all communities within the United States have experienced, and will continue to experience, growth. For some, the rapid pace of growth has been a significant challenge. Often the demands for services have increased faster than the capabilities of the organizations providing them. All indications suggest that community growth will continue to be a critical issue for many years to come. The analysis of options includes cost, benefit, and the degree to which each option will help to achieve performance targets.
  4. Local Government Consulting
    Irwin-Consulting provides a comprehensive Municipal Service Review. At a minimum, an Irwin Consulting Municipal Service Review addresses the following objectives: Infrastructure needs or deficiencies Growth and population projections for affected area Financing constraints and opportunities Evaluation of management efficiencies Evaluation of current station site, resource deployment, and corresponding resource time performance. Estimated capital and operating cost impact of potential changes.
  5. Professional Development
    Even the best firefighter, paramedic, or patrol officer will find it challenging when promoted to a management and leadership position. Surprisingly, most new supervisors receive little management training when appointed to a leadership role.