Since the beginning, Irwin-Consulting has operated on the principles of honesty, integrity, and service.  Irwin-Consulting's mission is to maintain an active role and involvement within the emergency service disciplines and related fields, staying ahead of the ever changing issues facing our clients today and in the future.
What we offer:
  • Over 30 years experience in emergency services
  • CEO has an MBA as well as many years service in response, training, and management.
  •  CEO is an EFO graduate, CFO and a NREMT-paramedic
  • Send a message to inquire about our services
  • We will cover any area in the US
  • Our company is builit on honesty, integrity, service
  •  If you do not see a service listed that you need, please notify us and we will let you know if we can achieve your request.
  • We tailor each of our products for you.  Not some cookie cutter plan that is a one-size fits all, but tailored to your needs and customers expectations.
Citizens have high expectations of what fire, EMS, and rescue departments should provide. These expectations are often based on scenes from television, movies, or hearsay rather than industry standards or budget constraints.
The Irwin-Consulting Group's methodology helps define proper levels of response and services as well as the dollars needed to provide that service.
Public safety is not only necessary, it's a major cost center. Irwin-Consulting helps cities, towns, villages, townships, counties, and states by identifying ways to improve public safety labor and equipment issues.
Most challenges involve a complex mix of vision and mission, operating policies and procedures, higher expectations by the public, increasing regulatory mandates, and sometimes decreasing revenues
We have a multitude of professionals that are hand picked in order to give you the most experience in the service(s) that you request.  We will assign the most seasoned professional to address your issues and challenges that you face.