Your Full Service Emergency Services Consulting Firm
We provides a wide array of specialised advisory and strategic services for our clients.
Since the beginning, Irwin-Consulting has operated on the principles of honesty, integrity, and service.  Irwin-Consulting's mission is to maintain an active role and involvement within the emergency service disciplines and related fields, staying ahead of the ever changing issues facing our clients today and in the future.
Irwin-Consulting is a professional firm providing specialized high-quality fire, communications, and EMS consulting services to organizations throughout the United States.  Our office is located in Arkansas which lends itself to the center of the U.S. making it easy to provide consulting services to municipalities, districts, and private companies anywhere in the U.S. 
We provide a wide array of services including organizational studies and evaluations, health and safety evaluations, master planning, strategic planning, standards of coverage audits and help as well as historical review and forecasting for future needs. 
We encourage creative solutions in concert with the local staff to complex system dilemmas.  We also recognize the importance of the cultural, economic, operational, legal, and political realities faced by emergency services today.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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Below is a list of services that our company can provide.  We have many years of experience in emergency services and will help deliver a customized plan for you.  If you do not see a service you need, please contact us and ask.
  1. EMS Consulting
    Today's EMS organizations face many obstacles. Things such as the ability to provide high-quality, cost-effective EMS and medical transport service is critical to sustaining your services.
  2. Fire Consulting
    In today's fire service, we face many challenges. Many of these are a type and scale never experienced before. We offer fire service master plans and standards of cover. We also offer objective evaluations, data system enhancements, strategic planning services as well as engaging stakeholders in the decisions critical for success.
  3. Program Management Consulting
    The fire service has multiple disciplines and responds in today's world with an all hazards approach. We can help with program management and implementation to help improve the services you provide.
  4. Local Government Consulting
    We will help local governments in objectively evaluating service requirements, developing fully customized, accountable response systems and working to optimize and improve existing fire, EMS, and communications
  5. Staffing Assessments and Plans
    We are able to take a realistic approach to staffing and plans to deploy based on not only the community needs, but the expectations while looking at the overall health of the finances to accomplish those ideas. We will pair finances with realisitc goals in what is achieveable.
  6. Professional Development
    Your leadership of today and tomorrow are critical to your organization's success. We will not only tailor a program for today's leaders in your organizaiton, but will help develop plans for succession and mentoring to ensure a bright future for your organization.
Irwin-Consulting's pricing policy is consistent with current business trends.  We make service and quality top priorities in our company.
  1. EMS Consulting
  2. Fire Consulting
  3. Program Management
  4. Local Government
  5. Professional Development